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Hello Readers, Today in this post you will learn how to improve the quality and value of your blog using the internal links. Internal links are the links on your blog which are referring to some content or articles on your blog. Internal linking is very important in blogging as it will help you getting an increased readership, page views and page rank. Google calculate the page rank of every blog and internal linking plays a vital role in this. Every blogger wants to increase the quality and readership of their blogs and internal linking will surely help you in that. We will explore how internal linking can do a trick for you, later in this article.
As we all know that Google’s algorithm is very strict nowadays and it has changed the meaning of SEO optimization. In earlier years people use to spam their links on high PR blogs and websites to get ranked higher in the search engine rankings. But now SEO depends not only upon backlinks, but internal linking as well. Let us see the benefits of using internal links in your blog post or articles. Benefits of internal links: Increase Page views: Let us first discuss how it will increase your page views count. Whenever you link your old articles with the new ones, you surely give your old articles a life. People who haven’t yet read out your old articles will give it a look, if it is relevant to the current article. In this way the internal links can increase your page views count. Increase Page Rank: We all know what a page rank is? So I need not to explain it in detail but for the newbie blogger, Google provide a page rank to every blog which depends upon quality backlinks and internal links. New Algorithm of Google aka Panda is in great favor of internal linking. Whenever you mention an external link in your articles, you allow the flow of link juice from your WebPages to the external hyperlinks. But when you provide quality internal links in your articles, you bound this link juice within your blog. Link juice is the major factor which affects the Google Page Rank and by providing internal links you can increase the flow of link juice to your articles which will surely lead to a higher page rank. Recommended Articles:
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We all know search engines crawl our blogs and websites for the new content. Internal linking can increase the crawl rate of your blog which is very good for SEO optimization. Crawling refers to the process in which web crawlers generally known as spiders, crawl your blog content and index your content in the search engines. Internal linking provides easy navigation to your blog content and help these crawlers to better crawl/index your blog. Increase Impressions: Page views and impressions are close related terms but in internet marketing there is a great difference between these two. With increased page views you will surely increase your page impressions. Impression is the term which is important for the ads providers who pay you a certain amount for CPM, which means cost per mille or per thousand impressions. So you can increase your revenue with internal linking. Decrease Bounce rate Bounce rate is the percentage of one page view visits on your blog. Higher bounce rate is generally not considered good for any blog. High bounce rate indicates that you are not able to give your readers the content, they were looking for. Using internal linking you can surely decrease your blog’s bounce rate. If you provide quality and relevant internal links to your articles, people will surely read those articles. It will help you take down the bounce rate of your blog. Now you are aware of the benefits of using internal linking but there are a few things that you need to remember while providing internal links:
Provide only relevant internal links. Use keywords closely related to your blog for anchor tag text. Do not use too many internal links in a single article. Basically the count depends upon the length of the article. But if your links are relevant then there is no harm providing those.
I hope I have covered all the points in this article. To summarize all, I would say that internal links are vital for every blog. It will increase the usability of your blog, not only for your readers but for the search engines as well.
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