How to make all external links nofollow in Blogger

Hello Readers, in this article i will tell you how to make all the external links on your blogger blog nofollow using Jquery. If you are blogging for a while now you must be aware of the importance of nofollow external links. This is very useful trick for every Blogger. Applying “external no-follow” tag to all the external links on your blog will help you improve your SEO and prevent page sculpting. Too many External links on your blog may degrade the SEO as well as Google page ranks. Sometimes people just spam on your Blog with their links in the comment section or you add some social icons/widgets to your blogs that has external links, in that case this little trick will help you.
Why to no-follow external links? By adding no-follow attribute to all the external links on your blog will tell the search engines to skip those hyperlinks and the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo will not crawl them. It will help your blog getting better crawl rate and will prevent your Google page ranks from sculpting. How it helps in SEO? Well, when you mention an external link on your blog it allows the link juice to flow from your blog to the external WebPages. Too many external links will degrade your site SEO and marking them as no-follow will prevent the link juice to flow to the external WebPages. Sometimes you just forget to mark an external link no follow and you accidently allow the search engines to crawl that web page. Search engines will leave your site and start crawling those external links; it will surely affect your site SEO. How to make all external links no-follow I hope you get the point of making all the external links no-follow so now we should take a look at how we can do this. We will add a little Jquery code to the head section of our blog. You need to follow these simple steps:
First of all take backup of your blog, I recommend this before you make any change to your blog. If you don’t know how to take backup, check out my post about how to take backup of your Blogger blog. Now that you have taken backup it is time to edit your template. Go to Template from your Blogger Dashboard. Click on Edit Template and click on expand widgets. Now find the tag of your blog. Just after this line you need to add the following code:
If you have already included Jquery in blog template, then there is no need to include it again. You can skip the first line. Replace YOURBLOGNAME with your actual Blog Address and you are done.
You have just made all the external links on your blog no-follow. You can check it using Mozilla Firefox inspect element. If you allow guest posts and have some external links to the author’s WebPages then you need to make some changes in the above code. Mention the links you don’t want to make no=follow like you mentioned your links in the above code. If you want to make only your comments section No-follow then check out my post about how to make blogger comments no-follow.
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