Tweepdash: Checkout who does not follow you on twitter

Hello Readers, Unziptech has always shared quality tutorials for blogger and social networking widgets. Twitter is one of the most used social network and micro blogging website. We have posted a few widgets for twitter as well like facebook style twitter follow box and recent tweets widget that will surely help you increasing your twitter followers count.

This post is also associated with twitter. In this post we will check out a handy online tool named Tweepdash which helps you to track those who are not following you back on twitter. It also make it easy to un-follow those people by giving you an easy user interface. later in this post we will check out more about how to use this online tool.

Everyone wants to increase their twitter followers count and for that they follow a number of people so that they could get some mutual followers. But what if all of them or some of them do not follow you back? Do you still want to follow those who do not follow you? I guess most of us would want to un-follow those people and tweepdash will make your job easy. Let us check out how Tweepdash works. How to use Tweepdash:
Go to TweepDash website and check out the instructions on homepage.

Click on Login with your twitter account. Give the required permissions and authenticate Tweepdash to use your twitter account.

Note: Tweepdash is a third party tool and it is required to authenticate it in order to use it. But you need not to worry as it is completely safe to use and your senstive information such as passwords are not accessed by this tool. Now it will show you three columns (celebs, fans, friends) containing some twitter users. Fans are those users who follow you and you do not follow them back. Friends are the mutual followers that means you follow them and they follow you back.

The most important of all is the celebs in the first column, these are the users who does not follow you back. You can easily un-follow them by clicking the unfollow button or cross button corresponding to every user. After managing your followers logout from tweepdash.

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