How to Add Facebook like Box in Blogger Blog

Hello Readers, Today we will learn how to add a facebook like box in Bloggers Blog. Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are providing the custom follow and like boxes which helps every blogger in many ways. Now social networks are one the most important part of blogging. Facebook like box help you to extend your reach and connect to the audience by proving them a mean to join you on facebook. It does not only help you to grow your community but traffic as well. Every blogger knows the importance of social networking websites for referral traffic.
Update: This tutorial works perfectly, but for those who are facing troubles to put the code at right places, I have written another tutorial which does not require much efforts and is Easy¬† & Fast to use..Check the facebook like box tutorial v2 When you start your Facebook page you ask your friends and family members to like it and after that it all depends upon the content you write. If people like your content they will voluntary like your Facebook page. But still you need to provide them with an easy method of doing this. Facebook like box allows your visitors to join you easily and they don’t have to find you manually. Facebook developers have made this thing very easy to integrate a Facebook like box in to your Blog by adding a few lines of code in it. No let us take a look at the steps you need to follow. Steps to add Facebook like Box
This process includes the editing of your Blog’s template, so it is recommended to take a backup of your Blog. First click on the template from your Blogger Dashboard. Then click on Backup/Restore and download the template from the pop-up window. Now that you have taken the backup, you are ready for the process. Visit the Facebook Developers. You will see a window like the one shown below. Customize the look and feel, height, width of your Like box from this window. Uncheck the show stream if you don’t want the latest posts with this widget. Uncheck the header checkbox if you don’t want to display “Find us on Facebook“. Once you are done with the customization, click on Get code. It would pop-up a window like the one shown below. Click on Edit template from the Blogger dashboard. Copy the code 1 from the above window and paste it just after the tag. Now save the template and click the Layout button. Click on add a gadget from your sidebar. Add HTML/JavaScript gadget and Paste the code 2 in it. Now you are done. Save the arrangement and click on View Blog.
You just added a Facebook like Box in your Blog. If you need any help you can comment here. You should also see other Blogging and SEO tips on Unziptech, it will help you improve your Blogging experience. If you like my work; you can show your regards by hitting Facebook like button, following us on Google+ or Twitter, stumbling our posts on stumble upon or giving us a link back via the links below. Stay tuned for more tech updates.

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