How to Increase blog pageviews

Hello Readers, Today in this post we will talk about the importance of increasing pageviews of your blog. Pageviews is an important term used in blogging and it also helps you to stand better in the alexa ranks. Pageviews are as important as the unique visitors.

If you are working with CPM based ads network; you will surely want to increase your pageviews which will help you getting good eCPM rate. Search engines like Google gives a great importance to the “time on site”. If your content is good, your online readers will spend more time on your site and search engines like the sites with a high usage time. Later in this post we will learn how to increase your blog pageviews and how it will help you to improve your blogging experience and SEO optimization.

Why increase Pageviews?

Search engines like Google does not like the sites with high bounce rates, by increasing the pageviews you can effectively reduce the bounce rate of your blog and optimize it for better SEO. There are plenty of CPM based ads network who pay you money for every 1000 ads impressions. Impressions are closely related to the pageviews and hence you can make money online with increasing pageviews. Alexa ranks every website or blog on the basis of visitors and pageviews, so there is a good chance of standing better in alexa traffic rankings.

Now we shall talk about how we can increase our blog pageviews. How to increase pageviews of your blog

Google custom search: Google custom search engine provide us with a great functionality search box that searches most relevant articles/post on our website in response to the user query. You can add two page Google custom search engine to increase your page views. It will also help in increasing your CPM ads revenue and organic traffic (search engine traffic).

Internal Linking: Internal linking is very important in terms of SEO optimization. Internal linking will give your old articles a new life. It does not only contribute towards increasing your pageviews but also help you to get a good Google Page rank by increasing the incoming links. Internal linking also provides a good navigation for the web crawlers which will help you to get a search engine optimized blog.

Popular Posts:Popular posts widget is a great gadget to add in your blog’s sidebar. It allow the users to check out what is in trends these days on your blog, it is also helpful in increasing the blog pageviews. You can add default popular posts widget or check out my tutorial for adding a customized popular posts widget in your blogger blog.

Related Posts: You can add a related posts widget under every blog post in order to give your online reader a change to read out the related articles on your blog. It will engage the readers on your blog, increase the time on site and the pageviews as well.

Post Summary: I have posted about this several times on my blog that every blogger should use post summaries, it helps you a lot. Using post summaries you can display the introductory paragraph on the homepage and the rest of the article on the posts page. It will help you getting more page views.

You have just gone through a few tips that will help you to increase your blog pageviews. You can also promote your blog in blog submission directories by communicating with other users or use social media to improve the pageviews count. If you think i have skipped any important thing in this post, please let me know; I will update this post.
You should also check out our blogging and SEO optimization section for more blogger tips and tricks. It will surely improve your blogging experience.


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